Bivalent Canine Influenza

As of August 1, 2017 Fieldstone Animal Inn will be requiring the Bivalent Canine Influenza H3N8/H3N2 Vaccine in order to board or participate in our daycare program. This vaccine is administered in two injections. The second injection is administered 2-4 weeks after the first. By September 1, 2017 we will require that all dogs have had the second injection administered.

You may have heard about the recent outbreak of the of dog flu affecting pets across the country. This highly contagious and, for some dogs, potentially serious respiratory infection is called canine influenza virus. There are actually two strains of dog flu that can cause serious disease or even death: H2N8 and H3N2. If your dog is exposed to CIV H3N2 or CIV H3N8, he or she may become infected. Dogs that are frequently around other dogs are at the highest risk of infection with both strains of CIV. This includes dogs that are boarded, enrolled in daycare, or often visit the local dog park. Dogs of all ages and breeds are at risk for this highly contagious disease. Dogs need to be vaccinated for both strains in order to be fully protected because both strains have been diagnosed in over 38 states to date.

As always, when incorporating a new policy, we go to great lengths to research and to justify the need when deciding how to proceed. We have been watching the progression of these viruses over the years since it started in Florida in 2004 and have sought advice from our local veterinarians. It is now in Maryland and as close as Columbia, Maryland. We all have to act now to protect our pets.

In order to protect your pet and make this transition as smooth as possible we are gathering information from the local veterinary practices on any special vaccine clinics they may be offering and are in the process of scheduling a vaccination clinic here at Fieldstone Animal Inn next week. We will post more information on these special clinics on our Facebook page and at our front desk.

Note: Vaccination with DA2PP or the Canine Cough vaccine for Bordetella bronchiseptica does not provide any immunity to canine influenza.

Thank you for your support and understanding.


The staff of Fieldstone Animal Inn

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