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New Pet Parents

So you decided to get a puppy, pet, or foster... Now what?


First, let us say congratulations! This is always an exciting time for families!

It is proven that pets give us comfort, reduce stress, and can help with anxiety so getting a pet can have many benefits! It is always recommended that you give a new pet time to adjust and decompress to their new surroundings so new pets will benefit from being kept in familiar situations and around the same familiar people and routine. There may be some challenges along the way and we are here to help!

FREE New Puppy Parent & New Pet Parent Crash Course

We offer a FREE New Puppy Parent and New Pet Parent Crash Course on the 1st Saturday of every month. We ask that you register in advance so please call us at (410) 647-6516. Bring your questions!

Helpful Tips

Here are some tips for preparing you home for your new family member:

  • Check low areas of your home (shelves & coffee tables for example) for decorative things that can be knocked down by a wiggly tail or that they may want to chew on
  • Cover any wires that are low or on the ground with wire protectors
  • Cover & secure any trash cans
  • Walk around your fence line and check for holes or any area a pup could escape from
  • Tie up any long window blind cords
  • Keep the toilet lid closed
  • Regularly sweep floors
  • Have LOTS of chew toys as options for them! Redirect them with a toy any time they bite or chew on something you don’t want them to
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