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Never worry about leaving your dog home alone again. At Fieldstone Animal Inn, you can treat your pet to a day full of play, socialization, enriching mental activities, and moments of quiet to refresh for more fun. With both indoor and outdoor play areas, your dog will have lots of opportunities to play no matter what the weather. With all of the fun they are having, your canine companion will hope that every day is a Fieldstone day!

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What to Expect

In our daycare, the safety and comfort of your dog is our top priority. Our pet care technicians maintain the highest standard of cleanliness throughout the day. Every time your dog enters an enclosure, we guarantee they will be coming into a clean, healthy space.

We are also committed to providing personalized services for each pet by spending time with them individually, carefully assessing their needs, and doing whatever makes them most at ease. Since we know that a one-size-fits all approach does not always work, your dog will go through an evaluation process during their first 5 days at Fieldstone Animal Inn. Our highly trained handlers will test your dog in a variety of environments and scenarios to make sure that we are the best fit for your dog’s needs and that they are in the environment most appropriate for them to truly enjoy their days.

After the initial evaluation, your dog will continue to be monitored and evaluated every day to ensure that they are always in the best situation for their needs. We assess every day and adjust their situation to a different or smaller group if necessary to make sure your dog feels comfortable and secure.

A Snapshot of a Day at Fieldstone Animal Inn

Days vary based on what is best for each dog, but below is an example of what your dog can expect.

  • After drop off, your dog will have their own elimination run to go potty & acclimate for the day
  • Depending on your dog’s program, your dog will then:
    • Play with their friends in the outdoor play area
    • Work with our trainer in the fitness area
    • Romp in a small group play session or one-on-one playtime with staff
    • Have time for quiet retreat
    • Spend the afternoon back in playgroup, working with our trainer or socializing with staff

After a day full of socialization, mental stimulation and exercise, your dog will be ready for a relaxing evening of snuggling with you at home.

Day School Membership

Enroll in our Day School Membership for discounted rates. Learn more

A Closer Look at Their Day

Arrival and Departure

Your dog can be dropped off and picked up anytime between 6:30am and 7:30pm Monday - Saturday

Outdoor Play Area

Play with toys or with friends, splash in the pool or relax in the shade - our outdoor areas provide so many opportunities for your pet to play and explore. During outdoor playtime, your dog will be able to stretch their legs in our one-acre private dog park or in one of our six large play areas.  Each play area is fitted with artificial turf, which not only keeps your dog cleaner, but is also easier on their joints. As long as the weather is suitable, your dog will have year-round fresh air fun!

Indoor Fitness Area

Complete with dog-sized play equipment, toys, and rubber flooring (for joint health), our indoor area keeps your dog moving and entertained. With ongoing supervision and positive reinforcement, you can be assured that your dog is playing in a safe, friendly environment.

We also have a large tent for indoor play, it is turf and has play equipment, toys and fresh air. We sometimes set up obstacle courses or special activities here for the dogs. We use this when it is rainy or snowy.

A Time For Quiet Retreat

With so much to do, everyone needs a little time to step away and rest. During quiet time, your dog will get a chance to relax and recharge in a private space. Whether they are enjoying a busy toy, belly time or a much-needed nap, this is a quiet moment to reset for the rest of their day.

Enriching Activities

During the small group playtimes or private play sessions, our team will hand-select physical and mental activities to keep your dog active and engaged. These activities are designed and selected based on your dog’s specific needs for that day.

Activities include:

  • Training games
  • Scent-tracking games
  • Brain games and puzzles
  • Water themed activities
  • Open space to stretch their legs and run

Play and Learn

Play and Learn sessions focus on building a strong relationship with your dog through positive training techniques. Our trainers will work with your dog in a safe off-leash playtime to enhance basic skills they already know (such as sit, down, stay etc.) and add new ones as your dog is ready. This one-on-one attention from our dog-loving staff includes the perfect amount of gentle training, exercise and belly rubs to help your dog live their best life. 

Play and Grow

Play and Grow sessions focus on positive training and bonding by using your dog’s natural skills such as nose work, agility, and ball work. Through enrichment activities tailored to your dog’s unique needs, our trainers will be bringing these skills to the surface and challenging your dog both mentally and physically. After having so much fun in these sessions, your dog will come home tired and happy.

Let's Celebrate!


Another year with our furry companions is definitely a reason to celebrate. Let us treat your dog like the star they are with a birthday party with their friends! And yes, of course there will be treats! Included in membership or can be added (purchased) for other dogs

Seasonal Parties

We also offer seasonal themed festivities with crafts, games and photos. Your dog will join a few of their best friends to frolic, play and party in one of our large play areas. You’ll then go home with photos to remember your dog’s special day!  With so many times throughout the year to celebrate, these are perfect for dogs that like to party!

Day Stay

Need a safe place for your dog to stay just for the day? When renovation projects or a large family gathering make it stressful for your dog to be at home, we would love to have them for a Day Stay. During their day visit, your dog will have a minimum of four potty breaks, a treat-filled busy toy to enjoy, and cozy bedding to stretch out on. We can also provide meals if you like. Avoid the anxiety, and come stay at Fieldstone Animal Inn instead.

A Boutique Pet Care Experience
Excellent customer service, excellent facility, caring staff, strong training program. They really care about your pet!
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Conveniently located in Anne Arundel county near BWI airport.
Location 174 Obrecht Road Millersville, MD 21108
Hours Mon - Sat: 7am – 7pm Thu: Closed 12pm – 2pm Sun: 8am – 10am & 5pm – 7pm