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Create an everlasting bond with your dog through a positive training approach.

We offer a gentle and positive training approach to enhance the special bond between you and your furry companion. By teaching you ways to communicate, your dog will know what is expected of them creating a more enjoyable and stress-free relationship. Whether it’s greeting appropriately or walking well on a leash, we have many options to help you achieve your training goals. Select from one of the sessions below or contact one of our professionally trained staff to discuss the best option for you and your dog.

Things needed for Classes - Shoes that are secure to your feet, we suggest tennis shoes or boots, Flat Collar, 6' leash (NO retractables), High Value Treats, Clicker, Don't feed your dog the meal prior to attending

We are amazed by how our dogs have gained confidence and learned patience under Liana’s training. Our puppy class experience was wonderful; from the first week when all the puppies couldn’t even sit still, to seeing them get to the graduation day all waiting patiently for their turn, it’s great to see them learn and transform. We love our Fieldstone Family, and are so impressed with how Liana goes out of her way to make sure each dog (and dog parent) feels supported, valued, and cared for in our time with her.

Jessica & Ryan Woods, Glen Burnie, Maryland

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Group Classes - 6 Week Sessions

Classes Start Feb 6th, 2023

Monday 5pm, Wed 6pm & Friday 5pm - We will have a Therapy Dog Class on Tuesdays at 5pm

Puppy Classes (ages 2-6 months)

Get your pup ready for the world! Through games and gentle training we will help your puppy develop basic manners and begin to establish good habits. We will introduce simple skills, teach your pup to look to you for direction, and how to socialize with other dogs. This class is great for building a positive relationship with your new puppy!

  • Socialization
  • Clicker Training
  • Loose leash walking
  • Running Game
  • Skills: sit, down, release, focus, stand, come, take it & leave it

Level 1 - Basic Skills (ages 6 months & up)

In Basic Skills your dog will learn beginning commands and/or reinforce skills they learned during puppy classes. We will focus on clicker training, establishing cues and making cues more reliable even with distractions. This class is perfect for developing clear communication and strengthening the bond between you and your pup. 

  • Socialization
  • Clicker Training
  • Skills: sit, down, release, focus, stand, come, sit stays, down stays, heel

Level 2 - Environmentals (ages 6 months & up)

Environmentals covers practice in real world situations that you will encounter with your dog. In this course, we will meet at a variety of locations to get your pup used to different environments and distractions. The skills and distractions will also increase in difficulty as the weeks progress. This is an excellent course for dogs who have mastered basic commands and are ready to take on the challenge focusing in the real world!

  • Prerequisite - Level 1 (or evaluation by the trainer for an additional fee)
  • Loose leash walking and walking through a crowd
  • Reaction to other dogs & distractions
  • Accepting friendly strangers
  • Skills: advanced difficulty of heel, sit stays & down stays with distraction, recall with advanced distractions

Level 3 - Prep for Canine Good Citizen Exam (8 months & up)

Prepare your dog to become a Canine Good Citizen. This course covers the requirements of the test such as interacting with strangers, reacting well to other dogs, and the basic commands needed during a volunteer situation.  Becoming a CGC requires a lot of attention from the pet parents with their dogs so unfortunately no children can attend.

Prerequisite: This class requires the completion of an obedience class or an evaluation with one of our trainers before signing up. There is a limit of 4 slots available, so please call Fieldstone Animal Inn if you are interested to discuss upcoming openings and set up a discussion with one of our trainers. CGC Exam can be taken at Fieldstone Animal Inn for an additional fee.

My husband and I cannot speak more highly of Liana’s training at Fieldstone Animal Inn. Hudson has come a long way since we rescued him just over a year ago and Liana has worked diligently to help Hudson become less anxious around other humans and other dogs. She has also given us the tools to continue the training at home or wherever we are with Hudson. If you are on the fence about training, don’t be, your pup will thank you!

Jeanette Waldron, Lake Shore, Maryland

Private Sessions

Work one-on-one with one of our private trainers to address specific behaviors or skills. Private sessions are tailored to your dog’s needs and are offered at Fieldstone Animal Inn or in the comfort of your own home. Let our highly-trained staff help you take your dog’s abilities to the next level.

Daycare Play Training 

Enhance your dog’s daycare experience by enrolling them in our Daycare Play training. These 30 minute sessions are tailored to your dog's needs ensuring they are working on skills at their level and ability. Sessions are held once a day and are added to your daycare reservation.

Play and Learn

Play and Learn sessions focus on building a strong relationship with your dog through positive training techniques. Our trainers will work with your dog in a safe off-leash playtime to enhance basic skills they already know (such as sit, down, stay etc.) and add new ones as your dog is ready. This one-on-one attention from our dog-loving staff includes the perfect amount of gentle training, exercise and belly rubs to help your dog live their best life. 

Play and Grow

Play and Grow sessions focus on positive training and bonding by using your dog’s natural skills such as nose work, agility, and ball work. Through enrichment activities tailored to your dog’s unique needs, our trainers will be bringing these skills to the surface and challenging your dog both mentally and physically. After having so much fun in these sessions, your dog will come home tired and happy.

Enrichment Activities

Do you have a high-energy dog that could benefit from some gentle one-on-one guidance?  Our Enrichment Activities might be the perfect solution. For half an hour, our trainer will work one-on-one on specific skills based on your dog’s needs and interests. This could include activities such as nose work, the obstacle course, or treadmill time. You will then have the option of staying and playing with your pup for an additional half hour in our private dog park. This combination of trainer time and free play can help your dog on their way to becoming happier and more well-balanced.

New Pet Parent Crash Course (Parents Only Please)

Do you have a new dog joining your family? Come join us on the first Saturday of every month at 10am, to learn best practices for welcoming a new pet into your home. Our pet care experts will cover topics such as preparing your house, potty training, and adjusting to a new schedule. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and help you feel confident bringing your new furry friend home.

I adopted Dunkin on January 14, 2022 from Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control. Poor guy was left and tied up to the Handicap pole there. Not knowing his history, it was apparent that he suffered from separation anxiety and just seemed to not ever get the proper training needed to be a good canine citizen. That is when I knew that I needed to get him into a daycare that would be patient and understanding to his needs.

We officially became day school members of Fieldstone on March 21, 2022 and I couldn’t be more grateful for the staff and their care of my Dunkin. Especially their trainer Liana. She has been to my house and showed me how to properly walk Dunkin in the neighborhood successfully. He now knows “place” so I can easily go outside to get the mail or packages on the porch without worry he is going to dart outside. Dunkin is currently working with Liana during his school days and I enjoy the instructional videos she sends me so I can continue the training at home. She truly cares about your dog and listens to your needs for your dog, I truly wouldn’t go anywhere else for training or daycare. Fieldstone is the absolute best!

Stephanie Hemling & Dunkin

Call now for a FREE consultation, evaluation & temperament test for your dog (an $89 value!)

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Classes require owner to do homework every day. All dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, and Canine Influenza. Limited to eight dogs or less in each class. No refunds after first class.

A Boutique Pet Care Experience
JA wonderful environment with the most caring folks. My husky absolutely loves it. Couldn’t recommend more highly.
Sam S.
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