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Pet grooming is not simply about making your four-legged friend ready for the runway, in fact, the benefits of consistent professional grooming sessions are endless. Ensuring your pet is properly taken care of from nose to tail, relies on a variety of factors including medical care, a healthy diet, and even grooming services. According to the American Kennel Club, the frequency that you should give your pet a full groom session is dependent on breed, coat type, and lifestyle which is why our team is here to help determine the best fit schedule and services for a happy and healthy pet!

So, while the complimentary bowtie or bandana at the end of the appointment is stylish and a great photo-op for your pet, here are four additional benefits of regular pet grooming:

Regular Prevention and Detection

Groomers do more than cut fur and style your pets, they are also knowledgable and trained in detecting potential health problems.

While you may give your pet endless cuddles and pets, and even inspect their skin from time to time, bumps, lumps, and rashes often hide in crevices and folds that are hard to see during a quick search. During a grooming session, a trained groomer will closely inspect their skin and fur to ensure there are not any concerning spots they may need medical attention.

This extra pair of trained eyes is incredibly beneficial in spotting current issues but also preventing further ones. For example, if a small rash or irritated spot is found on the skin it could be a sign of a bigger issue such as allergies or flies, which when detected early can be easily solved and also save you extensive vet bills in the future.

Increases Positivity Around Grooming

Not all animals enjoy the grooming process.

It’s common for pets, especially those that did not start the grooming process as a puppy to become anxious or simply not love a spa day. The best way to combat this nervousness is to create a positive association with the process. Our groomers are here to help determine what the best course of action is for your pet, whether that be starting with simple, quick services and adding additional steps as they become more comfortable or finding an appointment time that provides a quieter, calm environment. Let us help ease your pet into the world of grooming!

Hair, Ears, and Nails

There are many things that contribute to a healthy, shiny coat including proper baths and thorough brush-outs. Regular baths with shampoo and treatments for your pet’s skin and hair type will result in shiny and strong fur! Special brushes are also designed for different fur types to help detangle, de-shed and smooth.

Consistent ear cleaning decreases the build-up of wax that can eventually develop into an ear infection. You may be thinking, “that’s easy, I can clean their ears at home” but cleaning a pet’s ears is a delicate process that can cause more harm than good if not executed properly. During an ear cleaning, your pets’ ears will be cleaned in detail to remove any build-up of debris, ensuring it does not get pushed deeper into the canal. In addition, dog breeds that grow hair in their ears require extra attention as the hair can become matted or even tangles with dirt and wax. During a professional ear cleaning, this hair will be properly removed.

Letting your own nails grow out a little too long might not have any detrimental effects on your health, but that’s not the case for your furry friends. Not only can long nails be painful for your pets to stand on if left unattended for too long, but they can also result in bone deformations, poor posture, and even arthritis.

Good Hygiene, Cleaner House

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t able to apply their own deodorant and perfume on a daily basis which can result in a stinky situation. While your pet may not care too much about their smell, regular grooming situations can help save your nose! After a grooming session, your furry friend will come out sparkling clean which in return will ensure they won’t rub off any unpleasant odor on your furniture or blankets.

If you have noticed an increase in pet fur and dander around your home, we are here to help! Grooming appointments help to remove excess debris on your pet with thorough bathing and also help to minimize shedding with a brush out. Brushing out your pet in between grooming sessions is also beneficial to ensure their fur does not become matted but also serves as a mini de-shedding session that you can easily clean up after instead of spending your days dusting and vacuuming. So while your pet won’t stop shedding altogether, these steps can help reduce the number of fur balls you find around your home!

At Fieldstone Animal Inn, we understand the benefits of regular pet grooming for both the pet and the owner. Whether your furry friend needs a full spa day, a simple shampoo, or an a la carte service such as nail trimming or teeth brushing, our talented grooming staff is dedicated to ensuring your pets’ needs are taken care of. Contact us today to discuss the best grooming options for your cat or dog and schedule an appointment.

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