Day Care

Why leave your pup at home when he can spend the day playing and socializing with other dogs, burning energy? At Fieldstone Animal Inn, a lot of time and care is taken when evaluating new members of our daycare program. Our staff spends time profiling their play behavior, working on good manners, and ensuring a safe and fun off leash play experience.

We will make sure your furry loved one is placed in the environment most appropriate for him where he will thoroughly enjoy his stay. All of our pet care specialists are formally trained in canine handling techniques and group management.

What to Expect at Day Care

Our daycare program has a daily routine, including puzzle time, naps, snack and lunch. We have found that our daycare dogs have a much healthier and fulfilling experience with our structured routine. In addition, studies have shown that mental stimulation in addition to activity contribute to a healthier pet.

In 2016, we added artificial turf to our daycare yards. This provides the dogs in play with a softer surface, lower impact on joints, and ensures a cleaner play space (no more muddy paws!)



Our Day Care guests can arrive and depart anytime between 6:30AM and 7:30PM, Monday through Saturday. 

Contact Us.

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