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There are times when we need to be away from home, and finding the best care for your cat can be hard to find. This is where professional cat lodging at Fieldstone Animal Inn comes to the rescue.

Spacious, Safe, and Secure Environment

Have you seen our renovated cattery? They are freshly painted and have updated enclosure doors that are clear acrylic. We understand the need for our cat guests to be away from potential noise and disturbances which is why these suites are located away from the hustle and bustle of our canine guests so that our feline friends have the calm, stress-free environment they need! Soft music and lavender diffusers also help to cultivate a calm environment.

Additionally, the off-set location of these suites provides a safe environment away from any pets that may not be cats' best friends! Some of our suites features six vertical levels allowing for maximum play, exploring, stretching, and snoozing. While others are horizontal for older or less mobile felines but still provide the space to explore, nap, eat and eliminate without being crowded.

Expert Care and Attention:

Boarding your cat at Fieldstone Animal Inn means entrusting their care to our team of trained and experienced professionals. Our dedicated staff members are passionate about animals and provide individualized care and attention to every guest. From regular feeding schedules to administering medications and offering playtime, we ensure your cat's individual needs are met.

We are happy to note any of your cat's specific dietary needs, exercise routines, and any medical conditions to ensure they receive the appropriate care and supervision during their stay. We are proud to provide this level of customization to ensure your cat's comfort and overall well-being.

Enriching Activities and Playtime:

Fieldstone Animal Inn recognizes the importance of mental and physical stimulation for cats, which is why we offer enriching activities and playtime sessions to keep your feline friend entertained and engaged.

We offer a Cool Cat package option to bundle activities and save. It includes one activity session with a staff member, a refreshing catnip tea, and a special tuna on the ritz treat!

Additional Offerings:

We also offer services that can be added on individually during your cat's stay such as cat strolls for cats that enjoy some fresh air, playtime with a staff member, toys & laser pointers for the energetic feline friends or cuddle time for the affectionate ones.

Day Stay Option

Do you need a getaway option just during the day? Whether you’re going on a day trip, have loud construction occurring on your property, or a company using fumes throughout your home, we offer day stays for cats at our facility. Owners are welcome to drop off their cat as early as 6:30 AM and we will provide a safe & comfortable place & care for them throughout the day before they are picked up prior to 7:30 AM.

Boarding your cat at Fieldstone Animal Inn provides numerous benefits, ranging from a safe and secure environment to expert care and attention. Our commitment to personalized care, enriching activities, and health/feeding monitoring ensures your cat's well-being and happiness throughout their stay. If you are interested in touring our cattery suites or speaking to a staff member about any other details regarding our cat lodging stop by our facility or give us a call today!

Next time you plan a trip, consider boarding your cat with Fieldstone Animal Inn and give yourself peace of mind, knowing your feline companion is in good hands.

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