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At Fieldstone Animal Inn, we believe every dog deserves a day filled with joy, happiness and playful interactions. That's why we are excited to announce that we have openings in our daycare program and are accepting applications for new dogs to enroll. Whether your pup is an energetic social butterfly or prefers more relaxed interactions, our daycare is tailored to accommodate their individual needs and keep them safe!

About Our Daycare

Our daycare provides the ideal environment for dogs to safely interact with other four-legged friends and our staff while enjoying the benefits of exercise and mental stimulation they need!

Our daycare groups are monitored by highly trained pet care technicians who specialize in dog behavior and playgroup management to ensure a controlled and enjoyable environment for all! Our small groups, 2-12 dogs, create a safe and manageable tech-to-dog ratio, are carefully formed based on each dog’s size, age, temperament, and play style to ensure they have the best experience.

Our daycare is held in safe, spacious, artificial turf play areas that are easy to clean and disinfect at the end of each playgroup to reduce the spread of any sicknesses.

Let’s face it, a tired dog is a more well-behaved dog. They will return home from daycare as tired as you are from your workday! You’ll have a better relationship with them and no more feeling guilty if you have to run and do something else at night. They will be ready for some rest after all the stimulation they have had all day.

A Snapshot of their day

A typical day at our daycare varies based on what is best for your dog.

After drop-off, the morning begins will your dog acclimating in their own outdoor run before moving into an activity-based program:

  • Play with their friends in the outdoor play area
    • Romp in a small group play session
    • Have time for quiet retreat
    • Mental stimulation
    • Spend the afternoon back in playgroup or socializing with staff

After a day full of socialization, mental stimulation, and exercise, your dog is sure to come home sleepy and ready for an evening of snuggles and sleep.

Evaluation Details

We understand that every dog is unique and we want to create a safe environment where all get along. Our evaluation process ensures a perfect fit for our daycare program:

  • New Member Evaluation: Each applying member goes through a thorough evaluation, attending five days within a two-week period.
  • Initial On-Leash Introductions: We introduce new dogs to other dogs gradually, with on-leash introductions to create a positive and stress-free experience.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Our approach involves positive reinforcement, creating a welcoming atmosphere that encourages positive behaviors.
  • Daily Report Card & Photos: You'll receive a daily report card and photos, allowing you to stay connected with your dog's adventures and interactions while they are with us!
  • Bath & Nail Trim: On the fifth day of the evaluation, your dog will receive a pampering session with a bath and nail trim, getting them used to the groomer and wash off process since we are mostly an outdoor facility and do complimentary rinse offs.

Once your pup has successfully completed our evaluation, they will be welcomed as a new member and their recurring attendance schedule can be determined.

Our Membership Model

Being a member is easy and ensures your dog will always be matched with the same friends when they come for daycare creating a healthier and happier group play experience with their friends.


  • Enrollment swag bag
  • Discounted daycare rates
  • Set playgroups
  • BFF accommodations
  • 1 Quick Clean Up bath quarterly
  • Monthly nail trim
  • Complimentary rinse offs
  • Birthday party
  • First priority for days

Beyond all of the benefits, membership also helps make your scheduling and payments easier.

  • Dogs come at least twice a week on the same days each week.
  • Membership fees are automatically billed monthly
  • Packages automatically renew

Our daycare, offered Monday–Friday, 6:30 am–7:30 pm, is the flexible and convenient solution for your busy schedule. Our doggy daycare is the perfect alternative to your pup staying at home alone.

Ready to get started? Give us a call to set up the evaluation and let us know when you want to start!

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A Boutique Pet Care Experience
Professional and friendly staff and our dog loves going there for doggy day care. When we pull up in the morning, he is so excited to get out of car and go in.
Kimberly T.
Conveniently located in Anne Arundel county near BWI airport.
Location 174 Obrecht Road Millersville, MD 21108
Hours Mon - Sat: 7am – 7pm Thu: Closed 12pm – 2pm Sun: 8am – 10am & 5pm – 7pm