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Humans aren’t the only ones that crave and benefit from a stable daily routine! Dogs develop their confidence and happiness from their surrounding environment and providing structure will allow them to know what and when to expect things each day. With the summer coming to an end and kids going back to school, determining a routine that will fit your entire family, including your pup will make the transition easier for all.

Dogs’ general well-being can be greatly improved in many ways by having a set routine, such as the following:

Weight Management

Keeping your furry friend on a predictable feeding schedule will help maintain his/her weight because their metabolism will regulate and become accustomed to certain feeding patterns. A schedule will help to ensure your pet’s hunger is satisfied around the time they become snacky each day and also result in consistent bathroom breaks needed.

Providing a comfortable and consistent area for your dogs at mealtime will also make them feel safe and help to minimize distractions that may make it difficult for them to focus on eating.


With your dog’s eating on a consistent schedule, they will also begin to develop a predictable potty schedule. Ensuring that your pup has the opportunity to go outside and relieve themselves throughout the day will not only support the potty-training process in younger dogs but will also minimize potential inside accidents for adult and senior pups.

With a schedule, adult and senior furry friends will begin to determine whether they can hold it long enough until the next time they typically go out. Having a sporadic or unpredictable schedule that creates long stretches between potty opportunities can result in bladder infections such as UTIs from them having to ‘hold it in’ too long.

Not only will a potty schedule save your floors from a potential mess but it will also prevent possible medical issues for your pup.

Reduce Anxiety

Just like humans, having a predictable order of events in a day often helps calm dogs’ nerves. Consistent and rushed daily tasks such as different feeding times and frantic potty breaks can significantly elevate your dog’s stress levels, especially if they have a nervous personality type to begin with. If not reduced, this high anxiety level can often result in destructive behavior in pups such as digging, shredding items, or even pottying inside.

Establishing a general routine will help reduce your pet’s overall nerves and allow them to live happily without worrying about constant change.

Play and Sleep

Ensuring that your pet received the proper balance of exercise and sleep throughout the different phases of their life is vital. Dogs desire play time each day which can be incorporated through enrichment activities along with physical exercise. Not only will this help tire them out, but it also allows for dedicated bonding time between you and them. Incorporating one large walk or exercise time along with shorter playtimes throughout the day will keep them occupied and give them something to look forward to each day.

Easier for All

While there are endless benefits for your pup when it comes to establishing a general routine, it also has the ability to take some stress off of you. Having a set routine for your dog will give a general structure to your own day such as waking up and going to sleep consistently around the time that your dog needs to go outside.

Overall, not only will a routine help your pup on a day-to-day basis, but it will also help in the future when other parts of their environment change. For example, if you decide to move to a new house, bring an addition home to your family, or even if family members’ work and school schedules change, keeping consistent parts of your pup’s routine will help them adjust.

If you find it difficult to keep your dog in a routine during the busy days of the week, Fieldstone Animal Inn can help. Our daycare services are offered daily and provide the opportunity for your pet to play, train, and rest the appropriate amount while you complete your errands or work. Dedicating a day or more a week for your furry friend to spend time with our staff will soon become one of the favorite parts of their routine! Call us today to schedule your pup’s evaluation.

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